About Bancha

Bancha was originally developed by Nicholas Valbusa (Squallstar Studio).
It is currently developed and maintained by the Bancha team, which consists in the lead developer Nicholas Valbusa, Alessandro Maroldi (Developer), Matteo Gildone (Developer) and Michela Tannoia (Designer and Beta tester).


Looking for something ?


Dozen of built-in wonderful features

The first important feature, is the architecture: Bancha uses a full Model-View-Architecture written in PHP5. We also decided to completely divide the core from the application, so you can made virtually anything without the needs to touch the core.



Create and manage a full website in less than an hour 

  • Install Bancha: 5 minutes
  • Create some content types: 10 minutes
  • Import your old Wordpress blog: 1 minute
  • Create some dummy pages: 5 minutes
  • Attach an HTML template to Bancha: 20-30 minutes
  • Publish your website: 2 minutes



Custom themes

Themes can be developed in a very easy manner, on the Bancha documentation you will find all the informations about creating a new theme (or installing an existing one).


Content types, XML schemes

Learning the simple xml syntax, you can create many different content types. Read more about them here.