About Bancha

Bancha was originally developed by Nicholas Valbusa (Squallstar Studio).
It is currently developed and maintained by the Bancha team, which consists in the lead developer Nicholas Valbusa, Alessandro Maroldi (Developer), Matteo Gildone (Developer) and Michela Tannoia (Designer and Beta tester).


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Introduction to Bancha


Hello, today we'd like to introduce you our new project: Bancha.

Bancha is basically a Content Management System written in PHP5. During the last summer, we took the CodeIgniter PHP framework and we totally extended it!

Tired of depending on other CMS, we decided to create a new one with very different features from those already available.

Today we need a blog, tomorrow maybe we will need an E-commerce or any other kind of website/app.


Bancha allows you to create any type of website you want! We have created a complex system based on XML schemas to handle different types of content and relationships between them. Despite being a very young project, we are confident that Bancha will be able to produce quality and stable websites.


Try it yourself Bancha, is easy to install!

For more information, take a look at the documentation.

by Nicholas

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Asai wrote on 2012-03-04 23:42

Hi Gage,The following code uhsold give you an idea on how to use the getPopularMedia() function. Create a controller file called popular.php and paste the following into it.load->library('instagram_api');// Get the popular media$popular_media = $this->instagram_api->getPopularMedia();// Loop through the data returned by Instagramforeach($popular_media->data as $data) {// To see all the data that each media item contains uncomment the following/*echo '';print_r($data);echo '';*/// Display the thumbnail imageecho 'images->thumbnail->url . '" />';// Display the user nameecho 'Taken by ' . $data->user->username . ''; echo '';}}}The function returns a lot of data about each popular media item. Once it is assigned to a variable you can loop through and pick out the parts you want to display.To see all the data available for each media item uncomment the print_r statement.There is data about comments, filter used, more data about the user, location and a few more that you will be able to see.Hope that helps.Let me know if you have anymore questions.Thanks

asdasd wrote on 2013-05-16 22:41


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