About Bancha

Bancha was originally developed by Nicholas Valbusa (Squallstar Studio).
It is currently developed and maintained by the Bancha team, which consists in the lead developer Nicholas Valbusa, Alessandro Maroldi (Developer), Matteo Gildone (Developer) and Michela Tannoia (Designer).


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Heading to Bancha 1.0.3


We are currently working hard on the version 1.0.3 of Bancha.
You can easily reach our development branch on GitHub, and below you can read the incoming changelog:


Current changelog for version 1.0.3 (Planned)
  • New API added: Save records
  • Now the saved records use the first language available (only when is not setted)
  • Publish/depublish record bugfix when saving into external tables (issue #82)
  • Speed increase on record saving script: empty fields will not be populated anymore
  • Image presets documentation


UPDATING FROM 1.0.x: you will need to add a new constant on the website controller inside “application/controllers”. Be sure also to diff and merge the “application/xml/Settings.xml” and /index.php front-controller file.

by Nicholas

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