About Bancha

Bancha was originally developed by Nicholas Valbusa (Squallstar Studio).
It is currently developed and maintained by the Bancha team, which consists in the lead developer Nicholas Valbusa, Alessandro Maroldi (Developer), Matteo Gildone (Developer) and Michela Tannoia (Designer and Beta tester).


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Bancha 1.1 is out!


Good morning followers! Today we pushed the version 1.1!

Full changelog here below:
- Bugfix corrected on the Type tree scheme

- New Javascript application file by @domsmasher (html5 boilerplate)

- Custom feed template is now available on the core/views/type_templates folder

- Htaccess file now correctly supports subdirectories

- Some fixes on the rss+json feeds

- The tree() function now accepts also the starting page record id

- XSS clean added on user inputs (such as the comments script on the sandbox theme)

- Strip tags added on the event name when is displayed on the “Last events” page of the admin

- Merge of the development branch (security fixes)

- Some italian localizations

- Rendered views array reversed to reflect their real order (on the website profiler)

- Doc: 1.0.8 changelog list slightly changed
To update, just replace the core folder.

by Nicholas

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xJust wrote on 2012-06-12 16:11

Hi, Ronald!Here I am and again I have some questions 1st when I`ve set the Glider Headline News at the crtnool panel it doesn`t matter how many I`ve chosed it shows 5. For exaple I`ve put only 4 categories, but again on the page it displays 5. Speaking if it i couldn`t find a way to put more than 5 on the front page /6,8,10/. How can I do that like it is here on the sreenshot? You can take a look at test.e71nokia.net where I still test the theme before using it on my blog.2nd from where I should change the futured video code, so that I can put a video I want?3rd if I delete “php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/sponsor.php’);” will it remove the 125 125 ads? I preffer to ask first becouse the last time I did something before asking and it turned out that I`m not allowed At the end I have to thank you for your work! You`ve put end to my searching for new theme for one of my blogs. I like this one it fits perfect for it.You can`t imagine how hard is to find a working theme, magazine style, widget-ready, with crtnool panel and settings, with design that allows you to show maximum post on the front page, so that you can increase ones time spent on the blog, the number of the viewed pages so that you could reduce the bounce rate

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