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Bancha was originally developed by Nicholas Valbusa (Squallstar Studio).
It is currently developed and maintained by the Bancha team, which consists in the lead developer Nicholas Valbusa, Alessandro Maroldi (Developer), Matteo Gildone (Developer) and Michela Tannoia (Designer and Beta tester).


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Bancha Videotutorial (Italian)


After the Bancha presentation at the Digital League two days ago, I decided to make a 20min screencast about making your first website with Bancha.


Currently this videotutorial is only in Italian, but I'm planning to make also an english version soon.

"Ed ecco il primo screencast dedicato a Bancha CMS. In questo breve videocorso di 20 minuti, vedremo rapidamente come installare Bancha e iniziare da subito ad usare le sue potenzialità.
Realizzeremo un sito internet composto da un blog, una sezione portfolio progetti, una form di contatti e molto altro. In questa prima puntata (dopo aver installato Bancha), realizzeremo la prima parte della sezione portfolio progetti.
Scusatemi per le terminologie sbagliate che ho detto ogni tanto, ma non ho mai fatto un videocorso ed è un po' strano concentrare la testa mentre "si è ripresi" :)

And the second part:


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Bancha 1.2 is out!


YAML Schemes, Bash Utilities and Module repositories has arrived!

v 1.2 - MAJOR UPDATE (May 1st, 2012)
AUTO UPGRADE FROM 1.x: run “bancha update” from the bash
MANUAL UPGRADE FROM 1.x: replace the core folder, the themes/admin/widgets folder and move your modules from core/modules to application/modules
- PostgreSQL drivers temporarily disabled due to core incompatibilities
- YAML Schemes added!! Now you can use them instead of the XML ones
- Premade schemes converted to YAML
- Documentation for YAML schemes
- Fix on the install process on some database drivers
- Initial “bindtextdomain” Gettext check
- New core class: Packages
- Modules have been moved from core/modules to application/modules
- Modules files now doesn’t need the ModuleName_ prefix
- Modules now can be installed from the Bancha Modules Repository or by uploading a zip file
- Modules install file: modules now can implement a “<modulename>_package.php” class with various methods called on modoule install/uninstall
- All previous modules have been removed from the core
- “related_records” function added to the Frontend helper. Please read the doc for further informations about this function
- Categories on Record edit form are now ordered by name and displayed one per line
- Now the semantic_url function works also on “tree structured” Content types (such as the website pages)
- jQuery updated to the latest available version
- Removed some legacy javascript code inside the admin custom.js script
- Constants: FRPATH renamed to BANCHALIB, FRNAME renamed to BANCHA
- Minor fixes


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Bancha 1.1 is out!


Good morning followers! Today we pushed the version 1.1!

Full changelog here below:
- Bugfix corrected on the Type tree scheme

- New Javascript application file by @domsmasher (html5 boilerplate)

- Custom feed template is now available on the core/views/type_templates folder

- Htaccess file now correctly supports subdirectories

- Some fixes on the rss+json feeds

- The tree() function now accepts also the starting page record id

- XSS clean added on user inputs (such as the comments script on the sandbox theme)

- Strip tags added on the event name when is displayed on the “Last events” page of the admin

- Merge of the development branch (security fixes)

- Some italian localizations

- Rendered views array reversed to reflect their real order (on the website profiler)

- Doc: 1.0.8 changelog list slightly changed
To update, just replace the core folder.

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Bancha 1.0.6 is live


Today I merged into the master branch the 1.0.6! In the last week we did many cool things, such as a big refactor of the users/groups ACL and a new repository view.
We also addressed some bugs discovered by our followers!

To update from a previous version, please refer to the documentation:


You can check the full changelog here below:


v1.0.6 changelog:
  • New administration page: Image repository (to manage your media files)
  • Password are now stored with standard md5 encryption.
  • Big refactor and improvements on the Users and Groups ACL.
  • Issue #92 corrected (users can delete the user's own)
  • More documentation on the database application config file.
  • Added a remove() function that deletes a single key on the Record Object class.
  • Comments on the sandbox blog post detail are now automatically published.
  • Core dispatchers have been moved outside the library folder and can now be extended such as other classes.
Be sure to check also the cangelog of the v1.0.5 (release on 2012-01-09):
  • Now you can search for more than one content types as time! The find() and records->type() functions accepts an array of content types (names).
  • Added an order_by function to the categories model. That function has also been used on the categories view of content types.
  • Wordpress adapter now can link each post to its categories (they must be created before importing the posts).
  • Added an "or_where" method on the records model.
  • Added the documentation on the Record Objects and the records model.
  • Now you can select to serve the homepage without the initial 301 redirect: this results in a big speed improvement (active by default - you can disable it on a variable placed into the website config file).
  • New method on the tree models: set_request_uri()
  • New blog detail view (with comments) added to the boilerplate


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Heading to Bancha 1.0.3


We are currently working hard on the version 1.0.3 of Bancha.
You can easily reach our development branch on GitHub, and below you can read the incoming changelog:


Current changelog for version 1.0.3 (Planned)
  • New API added: Save records
  • Now the saved records use the first language available (only when is not setted)
  • Publish/depublish record bugfix when saving into external tables (issue #82)
  • Speed increase on record saving script: empty fields will not be populated anymore
  • Image presets documentation


UPDATING FROM 1.0.x: you will need to add a new constant on the website controller inside “application/controllers”. Be sure also to diff and merge the “application/xml/Settings.xml” and /index.php front-controller file.

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