About Bancha

Bancha was originally developed by Nicholas Valbusa (Squallstar Studio).
It is currently developed and maintained by the Bancha team, which consists in the lead developer Nicholas Valbusa, Alessandro Maroldi (Developer), Matteo Gildone (Developer) and Michela Tannoia (Designer and Beta tester).


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  • Bancha 1.2 is out!

  • Bancha 1.1 is out!

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  • Bancha 1.0.8 is live!

Why Bancha?

It's not just another CMS

It's modular, so it can be extended with different types of modules that you can develop by yourself. It's totally open-source (you can download the source from GitHub).

Developers meets Designers

MVC Core, Template themes architecture

It totally separates the application framework (MVC) from the website themes, so it’s easy to use for web developers as well for web designers. Bancha uses a wonderful ORM system to “play” with the database objects without the needs to write a single query.

Latest blog posts

Bancha Videotutorial (Italian)

After the Bancha presentation at the Digital League two days ago, we decided to make a 20min screencast about making your first website with Bancha.

Bancha 1.2 is out!

YAML Schemes, Bash Utilities and Module repositories has arrived!

Bancha 1.1 is out!

Good morning followers! Today we pushed the version 1.1!

Latest version

"The latest available stable version of Bancha is the 1.2.3 and you can download it on GitHub".